About Us

Welcome to Partners In Demand (P.InD.)

Partners In Demand, LLC (P.InD.) was created to help entrepreneurs, businesses owners and investors reap the rewards of collaboration.  It was founded on the premise that business collaboration for mutual gain achieves an outcome greater than the sum of individual efforts.

The synergy we strive to create through the connecting of entities is enhanced by our P.InD. Auto-Match service. It works to find the best match for an opportunity by searching our database of company profiles. Search results are returned with varying degrees of match, ranging from a good match to an exceptional match. P.InD. helps companies find the right business alliance that's right for them.

You can also use the P.InD. Auto-Match to help you find a partner to complement your business strengths. As a start-up or growing company, you may not have all the assets or skills you need to continue to grow your company. P.InD. Auto-Match can assist you in finding those needed resources to grow your business grow profitably.

Partnering with others to gain access to resources such as markets, technologies, people and capital, enables a company to grow and expand quicker and more efficiently. Joint ventures, alliances, partnerships and collaborative opportunities are relationships which can be built with any number of companies, including manufacturers, suppliers, peer companies, competitors, and potential customers.

Knowing how to leverage your business' assets can be key to helping your company save time, cut costs and boost productivity. With all the benefits of collaborations, there are downfalls too; however, early planning, developing goals and monitoring outcomes can help eliminate many of the possible problems that can potentially plague a business alliance.