How to Close Your Email Professionally

Emails are considered the most professional way to communicate with each other at a faster pace. It is free of cost and quite easy to use. In a friendly setting, you may write whatever you want and you may choose the style you want.

But when you are sending email to your boss, colleague or in any professional place, you have to follow certain email design. Also, the writing style should be professional and not too friendly. One of the most important things is the closing of the email. A perfectly closed email is considered one of the most important marketing tools.

Emails Are Still In

You thought the time of emails has gone because of social media outburst. Yes, it is true that social media has taken the internet by storm. But when it comes to professional communication, emails are still the best choice.

According to a recent statistics in 2018, about 3823 million people are active email users. From the same statistics, it was also found out that the number of people increased from 3718 million in 2017. It is also forecasted that the number will grow to reach 4.3 million people. Another proof that email still reigns the internet. Currently, the total social network users are 2.6 billion and the email users surpass the active social media addicts by 1 million (3.8 billion).

Why Should You Close the Email Professionally

People think that the end is not so important and often leave it unattended. You need to leave a good impression on your employer when he/she reads the email. Following are some other reasons:

  • The person will know that you are a trustworthy employee or a business executive.
  • It shows that you have a professional personality.
  • A good ending email also impresses the employer if you are applying for a job.
  • You also motivate the recipient to read your email carefully.
  • The sender will also be recognized because of an email signature.

What to put at email closing

As we told earlier there are few things that are necessary for email closing. That will make the email professional. Following are the things that must be included at the end of the email:

  1. Email Signature

It is an email signature of either your company or you that provides the email recipient with your contact details. It consists of 2 parts. One part of the email signature is the picture and the other part is text part. Email signature adds professionalism to your email and gives you an edge in today’s competitive world. It is quite easy to make this e-signature manually.

There are special options in Gmail that can help you make email signature. You can also generate email signature online once you provide your details. Another recent statistics proved that 78.6% Spanish companies use digital signature and increased significantly. Following are the things to be kept in mind:

  • The picture should be relevant to your company or to you.
  • You can put your logo and headshot.
  • Make sure the picture is clear and of good quality.
  • For the text, you should put relevant contact information.
  • Also put the text quite brief.
  • Don’t forget to add social media icons and website if you have one.

  1. Include closing statement

When you are writing a professional email, make sure you add a final statement before closing it. Abrupt closing can give your employer or another person an impression that either you don’t have the time or you are not so interested. You can include a sentence like “Looking forward to hearing from you” or “I will be waiting for your answer”. You may also write “Thank you for time and cooperation”.

  1. Add a closing remark

It is advisable to add a closing remark before the signature. There are professional, semi-professional and friendly remarks. In order to close the email in an executive way, a professional remark should be chosen.

  1. Full Name

You must add your full name at the end of the email after email signature. It is important to add your full name and not initials or pet name. Full name is best because there can be many people with the same first name. Full names help to avoid any kind of confusion.

  1. Title

If you are applying for a job, promotion or business cooperation, then it is crucial to mention your title. Your title can be simple like Mr or Ms. More important are titles like Dr, or Professor or Assistant Professor.

You should also mention your position in the current company. This will show what you are capable of. You might also want to mention your company name beside the title. If you are a startup, you can mention it so that the recipient company can contemplate about it while thinking about the email content.

  1. Contact details

Finally, you must add your contact details at the end. They can include your phone number with an extension, email address and, address. Make sure that your details are new and updated. For example, your phone number should be working.

Nowadays people are using Whatsapp and Viber for easy communication. You might also provide their icon if you are using them beside the contact information.


How to design the email closing?

Once you know what to add in a closing, it is time to design a perfect email closure to leave a long-lasting impression. If the design is not appropriate, the email recipient might not want to look. All the hard work will be in vain. A proper design is important for soothing eyes.

The format must follow the order:

  • Closing sentence
  • Closing remark
  • Email signature
  • Full Name
  • Title
  • Contact details

One example of closing is given below:

“Thank you so much for your understanding


(Email Signature)

Carolina Williamson

Senior Executive Officer, ABC Organisation

123456789 (WhatsApp Icon or Viber Icon)”


Now you can understand the importance of professional email closing. It should be mostly used in professional arena. You also know the important things to add in this email closing. Now it is your time to perfectly close the email and make your way to having a great impact.

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